Thursday, December 1, 2022

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What is the difference between Zillow and Zillow Premier Agent?
What does it mean to be a Zillow Premier Agent? Agents who advertise with Zillow Group are called Zillow Premier Agents. They receive branding and exposure on the most-visited real estate marketplace in the U.S.
Is it worth it to be a Zillow Premier Agent?
The short answer is yes, Zillow leads are still worth it in 2021. With 221 million average monthly unique users on its site as of early 2021, it's an excellent opportunity to find serious leads. ... With that being said, Zillow leads still need to be qualified to see if they're worth pursuing.
Will Zillow be a brokerage?
For years, Zillow denied it had plans to become a brokerage. ... Starting in January 2021, the company said salaried agents will work with sellers who want cash offers for their homes through Zillow Offers. In those transactions, Zillow Homes will be the broker of record, the company said.
Which Zillow agent is best?
Best of Zillow status is awarded to top-performing Zillow Premier Agent partners with proven track records of exceptional performance, customer experience and operational readiness.