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yacht broker license in florida

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How do I get a yacht brokers license in Florida?
To apply for a yacht and ship broker or salesperson license, you must complete an application on DBPR FORM YS 6000-1, and submit it along with the $551 fee, a complete set of fingerprints, and an original surety bond or letter of credit in the amount of $10,000 for a salesperson or $25,000 for a broker.
Do you need a license to be a yacht broker in Florida?
If you're interested in entering the yacht business as a Florida yacht sales professional, it's important to have the right credentials. You'll need a yacht broker license or yacht salesperson license issued by the state of Florida, which you can apply for using state form BPR 6000-2.
How much does a yacht broker make in Florida?
Average base salary The average salary for a yacht broker is $110,897 per year in Florida.
How do I become a yacht broker?
How to become a yacht broker
  • Take college or university classes. Although some brokerages may not require a bachelor's degree in sales or a related field, consider taking postsecondary courses in sales and marketing to prepare you for this role. ...
  • Seek professional experience. ...
  • Obtain the necessary licenses. ...
  • Get certified.