Tuesday, December 6, 2022

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war broker .io

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Is War brokers on mobile?
apk file, and announced that War Brokers Mobile has entered Alpha testing and that any player with an Android mobile device could participate. However, the file will not run on any other phone operating system, like iOS.
Is War brokers controller compatible?
There currently is no controller support.
How do I claim personal stats in war brokers?
To claim your page you must do the following:
  • log into the game.
  • click on the stats tab.
  • click the GO NOW button.
  • you should then arrive on your personal page and see the following message.
  • Click to claim this stats page.
  • click that button to claim your stats page.
  • How do I join a squad in war brokers?
    The squad size was formerly capped at 16, to give players more options on what squad to join. A squad function in the game is still currently being worked on, so the only way to get your squad official is through the War Brokers Discord server.

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