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usa wrestling card insurance

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What does a USA Wrestling card do?
In addition to the insurance coverage it includes a one-year subscription to USA Wrestler magazine; the opportunity to compete and take advantage of events, camps, clinics, international exchanges, and club programs; discounts on wrestling gear, equipment and apparel; and other national discount programs as they become ...
How much is a USA Wrestling club membership?
The cost of a limited membership is $20.00. If you participate in national tournaments, Freestyle and/or Greco-Roman, or any wrestling activity outside of the folkstyle season, you MUST purchase a full athlete membership. The cost of a full athlete membership is $50.00.
How do I get a Usaw card?
Go to
  • Create or claim your membership profile with USA Wrestling's Membership System.
  • Follow the instructions in the USAW Wrestling Membership System Guide. ...
  • Parents and Wrestlers - if you are a parent or a wrestler, please follow these instructions on how to purchase a USAW card.
  • How do I find my USA Wrestling ID?
    Verifying memberships is an easy way for you to check the membership status of anyone within USA Wrestling Membership System. Under the memberships section of the website you can click the “Verify Membership” button at the top of the page and do a search on name and state or USAW ID.