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us customs broker exam study guide

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How do I study for US Customs broker exam?
Ideally, examinees should start studying for the test somewhere between 10 to 12 weeks before taking the exam. The most important part of studying for the exam is taking practice tests. An even better approach is taking timed tests that simulate the real exam.
Why is Customs Broker exam so hard?
The Customs Broker Exam is challenging because it tests a wide range of topics in customs compliance. Historically the pass rate has ranged from as low as 1.5% for the April 2012 test and as high as 34% for the October 2012 one.
What books do you need for the customs broker exam?
Reference Materials. Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (Basic Edition 2021) (HTSUS) Harmonized Tariff Schedule PDFs ( 19, Code of Federal Regulations (2021 Revised as of April 1, 2021) (Parts 1 to Part 199)(CFR 0-140)(CFR 141-199) Code of Federal Regulations (Annual Edition) | govinfo.
How do I get a US customs brokers license?
Steps to Becoming a Licensed Customs Broker
  • You Must Be Eligible. ...
  • You Must Have Knowledge of Importing. ...
  • You Must Pass an Exam. ...
  • You Must Submit a License Application and Pay Appropriate Fees. ...
  • Your Application Must Be Reviewed and Approved by CBP. ...
  • You Should Plan Six Months for Your Application to Process.