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text broker reviews

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Can you really make money on Textbroker?
Textbroker offers authors several options to earn money online. Based on your content quality, our editors rate your articles between 3 and 5 stars. Since Textbroker regularly reviews and rates your articles, it is possible to continuously increase your rating and earn more for each word you write.
How much can you make a day on Textbroker?
To make $100 per day using Textbroker, you would need to write 10,000 words per day at level 3. If you're level 4, you would need at least 7,143. That's an awful lot of writing! However, getting on some good teams and getting Direct Order clients will make this much easier.
What is better than Textbroker?
Top 10 Alternatives to Textbroker. Upwork.Popular Pays.Fiverr.Bark.com.Skyword360.Supersourcing.Freelancer.com.Contently.
What percentage does Textbroker take?
($0.0178 + 35 percent Textbroker commission). Additionally, there is a flat fee of $0.35 per order to be paid by the client to Textbroker for all orders, Direct, Team or Open. These fees only are shown on the client's page.