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russell a. farrow customs brokers

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Farrow (Logistics company)
Farrow Ltd., previously known as "Russell A. Farrow Ltd.", is the largest independently owned customs brokerage in Canada. Established in 1911, Farrow now has over 43 offices and warehousing locations throughout Canada and the US.
Headquarters: Windsor, Canada
Founder: Russell Alexander Farrow
Founded: 1911
Type of business: Limited
Subsidiaries: Russell A. Farrow Limited

People also ask:

Who is the world's largest customs broker?
As the world's largest customs broker, UPS draws on more than 80 years of experience and serves over 200 countries.
What does Farrow do?
Farrow has leading experience in retail logistics, specializing in fashion apparel, footwear, accessories and lifestyle wear.
What US Farrow?
Farrow provides customs brokerage, logistics, and international trade services for importers and exporters in the United States and Canada.
How do you track Pars?
Go to to track and check all of your PARS regardless of who the customs broker is.