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real estate agent or broker

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Should I use a broker or an agent?
In most cases, either a broker or an agent can handle your transaction. There's a chance you'll work with both a broker and an agent as your buying or selling process moves forward. While an agent could have less experience, it doesn't mean all agents are less qualified to handle your property.
Why a broker is better than an agent?
Once all the necessary licensing requirements are met, a broker can sell property independently or choose to open a brokerage firm where they manage and supervise other agents. Brokers have a lot more freedom to structure their real estate career path.
Are real estate agents and brokers the same thing?
Real estate agents have a professional license to help people buy, sell, and rent real estate. They must work for a sponsoring broker or brokerage firm. Brokers are real estate agents who have completed additional training and licensing requirements.