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pennsylvania title insurance rate table

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Are title insurance rates regulated in Pennsylvania?
Pennsylvania title insurance rates are regulated by the PA Department of Insurance — therefore the title insurance premiums are the same with all title insurers. Anytime Estimate's Pennsylvania Title Insurance calculator will estimate the title insurance premium for purchase and refinance mortgage loans.
How much are title fees in PA?
Payments and Fees
How much does title search cost in PA?
A title search is done to make sure that there are no outstanding debts or liens on the property, and to make sure that the property is, indeed, owned by the seller. This ranges from $300-600.
Who sets title insurance rates in PA?
The cost of title insurance in Pennsylvania is set by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania by the Title Insurance Rating Bureau of Pennsylvania known to us in the business as TIRBOP. The cost of an Owners Title Insurance Policy is based on the sales price or fair market value of the property.