Tuesday, December 6, 2022

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medical malpractice insurance is affected by quizlet

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What does medical malpractice insurance provide protection against quizlet?
an insured is protected from his responsibility for bodily injury or PD to others arising out of negligence nonperformance. requires the insurer to secure the insureds consent before it can settle a claim. pays for liability arising out of performance of one's professional duties due to negligence.
What is malpractice insurance also called quizlet?
What is malpractice insurance? AKA professional liability insurance, errors and omissions insurance, insures a person against claims made by third parties alleging negligence, used to be for physicians but now for many allied healthcare professionals.
What are the two goals of medical malpractice laws in our society quizlet?
1. To compensate the victim for negligence. 2. To deter future negligence.
Why is it important that medical professionals have malpractice insurance even if they work for a healthcare organization that has liability insurance quizlet?
Liability insurance protects healthcare professionals from the risk of damages from a lawsuit. The coverage applies to errors or accidents that occur when people are injured while performing their job or when a patient is visiting the medical office or facility.