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marketplace training for agents and brokers 2019

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How do I complete FFM training?
Certification Instructions
  • Update your information on your MLMS agent/broker profile.
  • Complete the Marketplace training requirement.
  • Read and accept the applicable Marketplace Agreement(s)
  • Print your 2022 Registration Completion Certificate.
  • Confirm your registration by using the Registration Completion List.
  • How long does it take to get FFM certified?
    Getting FFM certified is relatively quick and easy - it takes about 2 hours the first time, is free (and the annual renewal takes around 10 minutes).
    What is a FFM certification?
    How to Complete Federally Facilitated Marketplace (FFM) Certification. Agents and brokers who wish to assist consumers in the Health Insurance Marketplace on Healthcare.gov must complete registration and required training on an annual basis prior to assisting consumers enroll in a plan.
    How do I become a certified ACA?
    Want to Learn More?
  • Attend the Ready. Set. Go. ...
  • Set up a consultation with one of the staff from ACA's membership team.
  • Attend an Accreditation Process Workshop.
  • Check out the Accreditation Academy, your one-stop shop for learning and resources for ACA's Accreditation.