Thursday, December 8, 2022

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manulife travel insurance policy booklet

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Does Manulife trip cancellation cover Covid?
What does this mean? If a customer purchased the Manulife COVID-19 Pandemic Travel Plan and are at a destination or have not yet departed on their trip, their coverage will not change. This plan will continue to cover eligible medical expenses if you test positive for COVID-19 while at your destination.
What is covered in trip cancellation insurance?
Trip Cancellation Insurance will reimburse you for the amount of pre-paid, non-refundable travel expenses (e.g. airline, cruise, train, hotel, etc.) that you have insured, should you cancel your trip before departure for an unforeseen covered reason.
What does a travel policy cover?
Most travel insurance plans cover medical emergencies, trip cancellation, trip interruption, delays, medical evacuation, and lost, damaged, or stolen luggage.
How does travel insurance for trip cancellation work?
What is Trip Cancellation Insurance? If you're unable to take a trip due to an unforeseeable event, a trip cancellation policy will reimburse you for your prepaid, forfeited and non-refundable costs. Depending on the plan, your policy will help cover costs up to the time and date of your departure.