Wednesday, February 1, 2023

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Is jetty a legit company?
Despite its lack of discounts, Jetty is a great choice for most people, as the company offers competitive insurance rates and garners overwhelmingly positive customer reviews.
Do you get your money back from Jetty?
No. The bond is non-refundable. At move out, you remain responsible for cleaning, damages and unpaid rent. If you fail to pay your account in full when you move out, Jetty will step in and pay Goldmark up to the total amount of the bond.
How does jetty make money?
Jetty Rent: With this product, Jetty pays your rent in full on the first of every month, then you have until the 24th to pay the company back, either all at once or in installments. In exchange, you'll pay an origination fee of $15, plus a monthly service fee of $15 to $25.
What is Jetty program?
What is Jetty Deposit? Jetty Deposit is a deposit alternative solution that replaces traditional cash deposits with low-cost surety bonds. The product dramatically lowers move-in costs for your applicants which helps you increase lease conversions.