Tuesday, December 6, 2022

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is gi map test covered by insurance

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People also ask:

How much does GI MAP cost?
How much does it cost? The GI Map costs $335 and includes shipping both to you and back to the lab.
Is the GI MAP test worth it?
The GI-MAP is valuable in diagnosing specific illnesses in certain cases, but its true value comes from what it can tell us about our overall health. The digestive system plays a very large role in overall well-being, one that medicine is only beginning to understand.
Is GI MAP legitimate?
The GI-MAP is the most accurate, comprehensive DNA stool analysis on the market.
How long does it take to get a GI MAP back?
The turn-around-time is only 5-7 working days, allowing for a more rapid receipt of results and implementation of clinical intervention. To Summarize: The GI-MAP opens the door to find infections otherwise missed.