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What is Illinois enrollment?
Undergraduate enrollment is 33,492, a slight drop from a record 33,850 in 2019. Due to the pandemic, there are 576 fewer continuing international undergraduate students enrolling for the fall 2020 semester.
How do I get an Illinois client?
Visit or call 1-877-912-8880 (TTY: 1-866-565-8576). The call is free! You can get this information in other languages or formats, such as large print or audio. Tenemos información en español.
What is HealthChoice Illinois?
HealthChoice Illinois is the statewide Medicaid managed care program. Most Medicaid customers are required to choose a primary care provider (PCP) and health plan. We can help you understand your plan choices, find providers and enroll. Enroll.
Is HealthChoice Illinois Medicaid?
HealthChoice Illinois is the smart way most Medicaid members get quality care. See if you qualify, and explore the HealthChoice Illinois advantage. The right care for you. At the right time and place.