Thursday, December 8, 2022

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igenex covered by insurance

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People also ask:

Does IGeneX accept insurance?
Does IGeneX bill insurance? IGeneX does not accept assignment from or submit claims to insurance companies except for patients who have Medicare – Medical (Part B) coverage.
How much does IGeneX testing cost?
Each Lyme or TBRF BCA assay costs $195 and is available to be ordered through a physician.
How reliable is IGeneX Lyme test?
He provided a reporter with a document showing that in each year since 2000, IGeneX had achieved scores of at least 97 percent accuracy on the Western blot and Elisa tests, well above the minimum 80 percent required by the state.
Is IGeneX FDA approved?
Is IGeneX FDA approved? IGeneX is not required to be FDA approved. IGeneX provides services on clinical samples.