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“how to become a ticket broker” pdf

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How do you become a ticket broker?
The job of a ticket broker requires both foresight and creativity.
  • Join ticket broker associations. ...
  • Choose a specialty area. ...
  • Obtain a business license. ...
  • Name your business and build a website. ...
  • Buy tickets to the events in highest demand and resell them. ...
  • Promote your ticket broker business.
  • Can I make money buying and selling tickets?
    Ticket reselling means you buy concert tickets at a lower price and then sell them at a higher price to earn profit. It could also mean ticket brokering or touting. Basically, you buy concert tickets from a licensed seller, such as a concert organizer, in bulk, and then resell them at a higher price.
    What is a ticket scalper called?
    Ticket scalpers use so-called “scalper bots” to buy as many tickets as possible for certain events on certain dates. The tickets are mostly bought at official ticket sale websites so they don't raise any suspicion and it's hard to tell who made the initial purchase and if they were truly intending to go or not.
    How does 1ticket work?
    1ticket will monitor your incoming purchase receipts for orders from non-Ticketmaster locations. Any orders and PDF files are automatically and instantly imported to your account for easy management and tracking.