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how do brokered cds work

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Can you lose money on brokered CDs?
With a brokered CD, the only way to get money out is by selling. And brokered CDs are like bonds in that when they're being traded, their value can change based on the interest-rate environment — so you could lose money. Plus, some brokerages tack on a trading fee when you sell CDs.
Are brokered CDs a good idea?
Brokered CDs typically yield more than regular CDs because they are in a more competitive market. Brokered CDs generally offer much more flexibility than traditional bank CDs. The flexibility of brokered CDs can make it easier for investors to make mistakes, so read the fine print.
What are the risks of brokered CDs?
Cons of brokered CDs. Higher risk: You could potentially lose money by selling too soon. ... Fees: Though there are no early withdrawal penalties, fees for selling your brokered CD can eat into your interest earnings.Callable: Some brokered CDs can be called back before their maturity date.
How is interest calculated on brokered CD?
Brokered accounts generally credit you with simple interest rates rather than compounding interest. Holders of the brokered option normally get paid simple interest monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. Simple interest is calculated only on the principle you deposit in your brokered CD account.