Tuesday, December 6, 2022

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hondros insurance proctored exam

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What is an approved proctored exam?
Definition of “proctored” A proctored exam is a supervised test. An instructor or an approved proctor monitor the student during the test. The proctor ensures that the rules and requirements of the exam are followed.
How many questions are on the Ohio Life Insurance exam?
About The Ohio Life And Health Insurance Exam You will need two forms of government-issued identification, one of which must have a picture. You have three licensing exam options in Ohio: Life Insurance: 100 questions, 2 hours. Health Insurance: 100 questions, 2 hours.
How long is Hondros College?
Additional information can be found here. Hondros is the leading provider of Real Estate education in Ohio over the last 50 years; Schedules can be custom made and students can finish in as little as 3 weeks; Click here to sign up for classes.