Wednesday, February 1, 2023

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hagarty insurance

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Michael Fassbender’s toughest role yet was behind the wheel of a Mk2 Ford Escort.…

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Lotus is entering unchartered waters.…

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Guys like @You_Found_Nimmo are so relatable.…


Hagerty (Insurance company)
Traverse City, MI Traverse City, MI

People also ask:

Who is Hagerty owned by?
The December 1 deal that got Hagerty listed is a merger with Aldel Financial Inc., a special purpose acquisition company, commonly known as a SPAC.
Is Hagerty part of Allstate?
Hagerty Insurance Agency, LLC and its insurers are not affiliated with Allstate or Ivantage Select Agency, Inc, an Allstate affiliate.
Is Hagerty only for classic cars?
We only insure antique and collectible cars, so we can offer better coverage at a significantly lower price than daily driver insurers.
Does Nationwide own Hagerty?
Nationwide has teamed up with Hagerty, the leader in classic car insurance, to provide coverage for your collector vehicle.