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georgia car broker license

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How do I become an auto broker in Georgia?
How to Get a Georgia Auto Dealer License
  • Obtain a Permanent Business Location.
  • Obtain a Sales Tax Number.
  • Submit a Criminal Record Check and Fingerprints.
  • Attend a Pre-Licensing Seminar.
  • Obtain Proof of Liability Insurance Coverage.
  • Obtain Your Auto Dealer Bond.
  • Submit Your Dealer License Application.
  • How much does it cost to get a dealer's license in Georgia?
    Licensing Fees The application fee for initial licensure is $170. You'll have to pay the same amount for each additional business location you wish to operate. The renewal fee is $150 if you renew your license on or before March 31st of even-numbered years. Late renewal license fees cost $250.
    How do I get a dealers license in Georgia without a lot?
    In Georgia, you don't have to have a car lot or lot location, you can operate out of a small office facility. Operating as an auto broker out of an office, gives you the same license as a company that has 100+ car lot location. You have the same license and ability to register your Dealership with any auction you like.
    How do you get a wholesale car dealer license in Georgia?
    How to Get a Wholesale Auto License in Georgia
  • Download the Used Car Dealer Application Package. ...
  • Attend a Pre-Licensing Seminar. ...
  • Obtain a $35,000 Surety Bond. ...
  • Enclose an Original Certificate of Insurance. ...
  • Include Photographs of Your Business. ...
  • Apply for a State Sales Tax Number.