Tuesday, December 6, 2022

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gallagher bassett insurance phone number

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What does Gallagher Basset do?
Gallagher Bassett is a third-party administrator (TPA) that handles workers' compensation claims for several thousand employers around the world. Companies hire Gallagher Bassett to manage and minimize what they must pay out on workers' compensation claims.
How long has Gallagher Bassett been in business?
The company was formed in 1962 and now has approximately 3,400 clients, 4,500 employees and 100 offices in the United States.
How much is Gallagher Bassett worth?
Gallagher & Co. is worth over $8 Billion dollars. However, they do not pay injury claims with their money. It is their clients' money. Their Florida clients are always, or almost always, self-insured.
How many employees does Gallagher Bassett have?
So wherever opportunity and need come next in this world, Gallagher Bassett is there. From Walla Walla, Washington to Wallaroo, South Australia. More than 5,000 of the most dedicated professionals backed by the industry's most powerful technology.