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funeral plot brokers

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Where is the best place to sell burial plots?
  • Reach out to the cemetery. You'll need some answers and some paperwork. ...
  • Consider a broker. A number of companies, including and, will, for a fee and possibly a commission, list your property for sale and handle the transaction. ...
  • Price it right. ...
  • Expect scammers. ...
  • Give it away.
  • Are cemetery plots a good investment?
    Baron says cemetery real estate is a really good investment. Demand is steady, and supply is always decreasing. After all, once people move into a cemetery they don't leave. So even in less expensive cities grave plots start at around $1,500.
    How much is a burial plot in Philadelphia PA?
    Philadelphia families can expect the base cost of burial to start at somewhere over $5,000 for the plot, casket, and burial vault, and these costs easily surpass $10,000 or more in some cemeteries or with some burial selections.