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freight broker jobs with no experience

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How do I get freight broker experience?
How to become a freight broker with no experience
  • Learn about the industry. To become a freight broker, it's important to understand the freight shipping industry. ...
  • Build a network. ...
  • Apply to freight broker firms. ...
  • Name and register your business. ...
  • Register with the FMCSA. ...
  • Apply for a brokerage bond. ...
  • Get insurance.
  • How do I start a freight broker career?
    Here are the most common steps to become a freight broker:
  • Attend freight broker training school.
  • Register your business and prepare your business plan.
  • Find the right carriers.
  • Meet licensing requirements.
  • Obtain freight broker bond.
  • File your BOC-3.
  • Develop a marketing strategy.
  • Is it worth becoming a freight broker?
    Being a freight broker can be very lucrative. After completing the freight broker training and entering the industry, a competent freight broker can earn commissions ranging from 6 to 7 figures per deal! Some brokers even go all the way to 8 figures!
    Are freight brokers in demand?
    Job outlook Demand for freight brokers continues to increase as the industry evolves. Starting a freight brokerage business or maintaining a current one appears to have a positive job outlook for this career.
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