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forex brokers in china

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Can you trade forex in China?
Is Forex trading legal in China? Yes, Chinese nationals can legally trade Forex despite the stricter stance their government has adopted. Retail customers can trade currency pairs, stocks, and other financial instruments although there are limits on the amounts one can buy annually.
Who is the best forex trader in China?
6 Successful Forex Traders in China. Leo Chen. One of the youngest billionaires in China is 32-year-old Chen who is the co-founder and CEO of Jumei International Holding, one of China's biggest online cosmetics retailers. ... Pang Shengdong. ... He Zhitao. ... Yao Jinbo. ... Zhang Bangxin. ... Zhou Yahui. ... FAQ's.
Can I use MT4 in China?
a new and fast-growing way through online Forex brokers, for example, a fully FCA regulated broker such as GKFX , which has several support centers in China. After you have a live account, you can trade directly on the most popular MT4.
How many forex traders are in China?
Forex website reckons the country has about 1.5 million currency trading accounts, with only 200,000 active. Yet, retail forex trading in China each day averaged about $31 billion in 2016, accounting for 6-7 percent of the global market, highlighting the huge potential for growth.