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How to become a millionaire investing in stocks

Given the median US household income of $68,000 in 2021, a normal household would need 14.7 years to achieve $1 million gross.

The best way to prepare for a market crash

Let's have a look at this first… Between 1926 and 1929 (just before the stock market collapse),… The debt-to-GDP ratio in the United States hit 125 percent, growth was at 3% (which was strong), and equities averaged 31% a year. All...

Signs that the stock market bubble is already popping

Well, it’s important to note that there are some stocks that are in a bubble and some which are not.

Are we heading to a new stock market bubble burst?

We know that the Fed has shrunk liquidity (tapered) and will probably accelerate an interest rate hike

How to analyze stocks for long-term investment?

“Long-term stocks” is too generic of a phrase and honestly doesn’t make much sense to me.

Are tech stocks having a significant rout?

What’s been causing the tech stocks rout?

Will 2022 be the worst financial year ever?

Well, all I can say that the extremely bullish sentiment in equities positioning increases the downside risk of any investment in U.S. equities.

How to master the stock market with no money, no experience, and no knowledge about stocks?

Becoming a master at anything you do will require many iterations

What are the top 10 best investing tips?

I will first list my 10 investing tips in bullet form (it’s far from a comprehensive list), and then go in depth into each one.

The best stocks to invest in 2022

As of when I’m writing this, below are 3 sectors I have invested in: Uranium, Copper, Coal
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