Friday, December 9, 2022

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drop and hook brokers

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What is drop and hook shipping?
There are many unique terms you will hear as you learn more about the trucking industry. One of these is “drop and hook.” This describes a type of delivery where the driver drops off a full trailer at a warehouse and then gets an empty trailer before leaving.
Is Landstar drop and hook?
Landstar provides customers with access to significant Landstar qualified van capacity, including a drop and hook trailer fleet exceeding 15,000 trailers with an average age of approximately 5 years.
Is drop and hook the same as power only?
Is Drop and Hook the Same As Power Only? Yes, drop and hook is the same as power only trucking. Essentially, drop and hook refers to the simple hook-up process that is used when transporting trailers.
How do I get power only freight?