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double brokered load

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What is wrong with double brokering?
Double Brokering is the unauthorized re-brokering of a load to another trucking company. This unauthorized activity is a violation of FMCSA legislation and is considered illegal. Additionally, this fraudulent activity leaves carriers and shippers alike exposed and with no way to mitigate any issues with delays.
What does it mean to broker a load?
A freight broker is someone who assists shippers with freight ready to haul by finding carriers who are qualified to haul the load. They are responsible for brokering deals with shippers and then facilitating the movement of a shipper's freight.
What is a brokered load in trucking?
He's in an agreement between a shipper who has goods to transport and a carrier who has the ability to move the load. ... Instead, truck brokers arrange for reliable freight carriers within their network to service shipments.
How much do freight brokers make off each load?
Freight brokers make their money in the margin between the amount they charge each shipper (their customer) and what they pay the carrier (the truck driver) for every shipment. Although it varies from one transaction to the next, healthy freight brokers typically claim a net margin of 3-8 percent on each load.