Thursday, December 1, 2022

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double broker

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What does double brokering a load mean?
If a freight broker tenders a load to one carrier, and that carrier turns around and assigns the load to another carrier, that is called double brokering. Even if the first carrier has brokerage authority, it's not okay to tender the load to another carrier without the original broker's consent.
How can you tell a double broker?
Check their credit score and their FMCSA registration. Look for the number on their file and ensure that your load really came from that broker and not someone posing as them. Call the broker directly to confirm details instead of ignoring your suspicions.
What do you do with a double broker load?
Oftentimes carriers will hire collection agencies to handle double brokering situations. The best course of action is to reach out to the actual carrier and attempt to deal with them directly. However, that sometimes doesn't always work.
Can a carrier also be a broker?
No. A motor carrier cannot broker loads without first applying for and receiving a license to operate as a property broker.