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denison yacht brokers

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Who owns Denison yacht?
Catching up with Bob Denison, Owner, Denison Super Yacht Division. Bob Denison grew up in Fort Lauderdale's yachting industry. Bob's grandfather, Frank Denison, and father, Kit, founded Broward Marine, and Denison Marine, respectively.
Who owns the Bella tu?
She is the 72nd-largest yacht built by Horizon. The owner of Horizon FD87/FD90 yacht Bella Tu is shown in SYT iQ and is exclusively available to subscribers. , On SuperYacht Times she is featured in 1 yacht news articles....Dimensions.
Who owns Nina Lu?
Samark LopezInside NINA LU Yacht • ex WAKU • Trinity • 2009 • Former Owner Samark Lopez
How much does a yacht broker make?
The salaries of Yacht Brokers in the US range from $15,938 to $23,152 , with a median salary of $18,289 . The middle 57% of Yacht Brokers makes between $18,297 and $19,871, with the top 86% making $23,152.