Thursday, December 8, 2022

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customs broker exam pass rates

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Is it hard to pass customs broker exam?
If you want the license, you have to pass the US Customs broker exam . This exam is one of the most difficult to pass in the USA. There are roughly 2,600 examinees a year who take the exam, and only around 15% are able to pass. Most examinees will need to take a prep course in order to pass.
Why is Customs Broker exam so hard?
The Customs Broker Exam is challenging because it tests a wide range of topics in customs compliance. Historically the pass rate has ranged from as low as 1.5% for the April 2012 test and as high as 34% for the October 2012 one.
How do I pass the US Customs broker exam?
The Guide to Passing the Custom Broker's Exam
  • Online Reference Materials. Before each test, CBP publishes an examination announcement that lists all of the reference materials you will need. ...
  • Study the Materials. ...
  • Consider a Prep Course. ...
  • Form a Study Group. ...
  • Take Practice Exams. ...
  • Appealing Test Results.
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