Tuesday, November 29, 2022

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costco ameriprise auto insurance phone number

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What is Costco's car insurance called?
Costco sells auto and homeowners insurance to its club members through American Family under the brand name CONNECT. Members who purchase insurance through Costco may be eligible for a discount on car insurance rates, along with perks like free roadside assistance.
What is the new name for Ameriprise insurance?
CONNECT, powered by American Family Insurance, is the new brand name of the property-casualty insurance company formerly known as Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance.
Is Ameriprise still with Costco?
No, Ameriprise is not owned by Costco; Ameriprise is owned by American Family Insurance. Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance was renamed to CONNECT insurance in 2020 and has been a fully-owned subsidiary of American Family since 2019.
Who bought Ameriprise Auto insurance?
Ameriprise Financial sold its Ameriprise Auto & Home division to American Family in April 2019. According to American Family, the $1.05 billion cash deal dipped to $950 million after a payment to an affinity partner.