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capital one auto brokers

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Capital One Auto Brokers (Used car dealer in Franklin County, North Carolina)

Address: 14114 Capital Blvd, Youngsville, NC 27596
Phone: (919) 868-6162
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22 Google reviews
Address: 14114 Capital Blvd, Youngsville, NC 27596
Phone: (919) 868-6162
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People also ask:

Does Capital One Finance Private sellers?
Many financial institutions from national banks to local credit unions offer private party auto loans, including Bank of America, First Credit Union and LightStream. But not every lender does. Capital One, Wells Fargo and Chase only offer car loans through dealerships.
Does Carvana work with Capital One?
Carvana works with most third-party lenders but will not work with Capital One, Road Loans, or Car Finance Capital.
What is the point of an auto broker?
An auto broker is someone who works on behalf of the consumer, to help them get the car they're looking for, at a good price. An auto broker works in between the buyer and the dealer, and can help negotiate price, as well as help track down specific vehicles.
What is Capital One Auto Navigator?
Capital One Auto Navigator allows car buyers to pre-qualify for financing with no impact to their credit score, shop millions of cars from thousands of participating dealerships nationwide, and see their real rate and monthly payment - all in one place and before visiting a dealer.