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can you shower with a tampon in

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What should you not do while wearing a tampon?
Don't use a tampon before your period starts. When it comes to tampons, however, popping one in before your flow starts is not the best idea. This can throw off the vagina's healthy bacteria and dry it out, increasing the risk of infection.
Should you put a tampon in before or after a shower?
Whether or not to shower with a tampon in is up to you. Just make sure you're careful when you clean around your vaginal opening. Some women worry about leaking onto the floor or towel after a shower. If this is you, you may feel more secure wearing a tampon so you don't have to clean up the mess.
Can you poop with a tampon in?
Pooping with a tampon in 🩸 Tampons can become dislodged if you strain for a poo, so some women prefer to remove and replace with another when they're done. If you'd rather not waste a fresh tampon, you might want to eat foods that prevent constipation so stools are easier to pass.

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