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brokered cd fdic insured

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Can you lose money in a brokered CD?
With a brokered CD, the only way to get money out is by selling. And brokered CDs are like bonds in that when they're being traded, their value can change based on the interest-rate environment — so you could lose money. Plus, some brokerages tack on a trading fee when you sell CDs.
What is the difference between a bank CD and a brokered CD?
Brokered CDs generally command a higher yield than bank CDs, as they are in a more competitive market. The broker has invested a large sum with the bank, and that generates more interest than smaller amounts. As with all CDs, holders receive the full principal with interest at maturity.
Do brokered CDs automatically renew?
Also, CDs that are brokered generally don't automatically roll over into another CD, although some brokerages do allow for this option. Once they mature, the principal will be deposited into your general investing account, and you must choose what to do with it next.
Are brokered CDs redeemable?
With brokered CDs, a beneficiary can redeem them at the full par value even if the current market value has fallen. And if the CDs are trading at a higher price than their redemption value at par, the beneficiary has the option to sell the CDs on the secondary market to seek a potential profit.