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broker license in florida

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How do you get a broker's license in Florida?
Real Estate Broker Requirements:
  • Complete 72-hour FREC-approved pre-licensing course for brokers.
  • Submit an application and application fee as well as fingerprints to the state.
  • Take and pass the Florida Real Estate Broker Examination with a grade of 75 or higher.
  • Do you need a license to be a broker in Florida?
    The Real Estate Broker To become a real estate broker in Florida you must first have experience as an active Florida sales associate for at least 24 months or must have held a valid real estate license for at least 24 months in any other jurisdiction of the United States.
    How long does it take to become a broker in Florida?
    To receive your full Florida broker license, you'll need to complete 60 hours of broker post-licensing coursework. These courses cover the topics of real estate investment and brokerage management.
    How much does it cost to get your broker's license in Florida?
    The licensing fee for a Florida Real Estate Sales Associate is $83.75. The fee to take the exam is $36.75. Other costs associated with getting your license may include fingerprinting fees and Pre-Licensing course tuition, which can vary depending on the course package and school.