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What is rental brokerage?
If you are looking for a house on rent in any big city you need to hire a broker. The broker will help you shortlist your house as per your requirements. And when the deal is fixed you find the perfect house. Then in return you have to pay broker charges for house rent payment.
Is getting a broker worth it NYC?
They act as a middleman between renters and landlords. Brokers are not essential for rental buildings that have in-house leasing offices. But they can be invaluable if you want to cast a wide net with someone who intimately knows a particular area.
Is a broker fee worth it?
If you've got a good poker face or you're not known to back down from a challenge, you might be able compromise or stop the discussion before the broker collects commission. Bottom line: While it may seem backward, paying a broker's fee can save you money and lots of stress (and probably tears).
Do I need a broker to buy an apartment in NYC?
You can buy a home without a real estate agent or broker, but it's probably better that you hire one, especially considering the highly competitive market in New York. Your broker will help you secure the best possible deal, and can assist you in bargaining for concessions.