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brightstar insurance boost mobile number

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Does Boost Mobile use Brightstar device protection?
If you want to cancel Boost Mobile or file a Boost Mobile insurance claim, Dialing the number 1-866-402-7366 and asking a customer service (18)… Mar 24, 2017 — Boost Mobile phone insurance is provided via Brightstar Device Protection, a trusted name is cell phone insurance. Go here to sign up. For only (19)…
Is Boost covered by insurance?
What is Boost Shield? For $7.00 per month you are covered if your phone is lost, stolen, accidentally damaged - even with liquid, or has an out-of-warranty mechanical or electrical breakdown. Boost Mobile Phone Insurance covers any standard accessories included with the original purchase of the technology.
Is Boost Mobile insurance worth it?
What provider is Boost Mobile under?
Coverage and data performance: Boost is an MVNO that uses T-Mobile's network, which means amazing data speeds and a great 5G network, but limited coverage in rural areas.