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“bpo” broker price opinion

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Is a BPO better than an appraisal?
Similar to a home appraisal, a broker price opinion helps establish what your home is worth. But a broker opinion of value is considered less accurate than an appraisal and may not be allowed to substitute for an appraisal.
What is a broker's opinion of value?
A broker price opinion (BPO) is the estimated value of a property as determined by a real estate broker or other qualified individual or firm. A broker price opinion is based on the characteristics of the property being considered.
What is the process for creating a broker's price opinion BPO?
What is the process for creating a broker's price opinion (BPO)? A) The broker prepares a report compiled from research of comparable properties. The broker drives by the property, takes a picture, and fills out the BPO form.
How is a BPO calculated?
To complete a BPO, a broker or real estate professional uses real estate comps similar to a comparative market analysis, plus a few other factors, such as the age of the home and the size of the property. BPOs look different from home appraisals because they offer less comprehensive home valuation results.