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boston apartments no broker fee

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How do I avoid broker fees in Boston?
There are a couple other characteristics of brokers' fees you should be aware of as you prepare for your Boston rental search.
  • They're Typically Paid By The Tenant. ...
  • They Can Really Add Up. ...
  • Ask Your Landlord To Cover Them. ...
  • Avoid Working With A Broker Altogether. ...
  • Time Your Move-In Strategically.
  • Do you have to pay a broker fee in Boston?
    Broker fees don't exist in many US cities, but they're common in New York and Boston. Here, a broker fee is usually about the cost of a month's rent, according to the Globe. In New York, it can amount to as much as 15 percent of a year's rent, according to Time.
    How do I find an apartment in Boston without a broker?
    Without a real estate agent or service, you can find an apartment through sites like Facebook housing groups, Facebook marketplace, and Craigslist.
    Why are there broker fees in Boston?
    Boston renters have historically forked over an extra month's rent to real estate brokers to secure a new apartment. The fees compensate real estate agents who act as middlemen in the housing market.