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assuage in a sentence

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How do you use assuage in a sentence?
Assuaged sentence example
  • The pain of the former is not assuaged by the pleasure of the latter. ...
  • He has partially assuaged the sense of insecurity developed by Margaret Thatcher. ...
  • Fears of the Chrono Trigger followers were assuaged when this title was released.
  • What is assuage and example?
    Assuage is defined as to make better or lessen. An example of something that a nurse might assuage is someone's pain with the distribution of medicine. verb. The definition of assuage is to fulfill the needs of. An example of something that you may assuage is your need for sleep.
    What does it mean to assuage someone?
    1 : to lessen the intensity of (something that pains or distresses) : ease unable to assuage their grief. 2 : pacify, quiet …
    What can you assuage?
    The most common things that we assuage are fears, concerns, guilt, grief, anxiety, and anger. That makes a lot of sense — these are all things we seek relief from. The word comes from Old French assouagier, from the Latin root suavis, "sweet" — think of adding a bit of honey to something unpleasant.