Thursday, December 8, 2022

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animation guild health insurance

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Which is a benefit of joining the Animation Guild?
What are the benefits of becoming a Guild member? When you join The Animation Guild and work under its jurisdiction, you have the protection of a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) that spells out working conditions, wage minimums, and much more.
Do animators get a 401K?
Benefits for computer animators vary. Animation Guild members are eligible to participate in a 401K retirement plan, and members with sufficient hours to their credit are eligible for employer-paid health plans. Computer animator benefits are often defined by the employer.
How do you qualify for an MPI?
MPI HEALTH PLAN FOR ACTIVE PARTICIPANTS. Eligibility for a six-month benefit period is determined on a monthly basis and is based on a six-month qualifying period. After you have earned a combined total of at least 600 hours in two consecutive qualifying periods.
How much does the animation guild cost?
Our parent union, the IATSE, charges a one-time registration fee of $100. This fee is included in your balance when you are set up as a new member.