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an insurance company is quizlet

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What is an insurance company quizlet?
Insurance Companies (IC's) the primary function of insurance companies is to compensate policyholders if a pre specified event occurs, in exchange for premiums paid. -sell a variety of investment products similar to other FI's. insurance underwriters. assess and price risk.
Who is an insurance producer quizlet?
A person or agency appointed by an insurance company to represent it and to present policies on its behalf. A producer possesses three types of authority: Express/ Implied/ Apparent. Authority that is written into the producer's agency contract.
What is a health insurance company quizlet?
An organization that provides health coverage by contracting with service providers, to provide medical services to subscribers, who pay in advance through premiums.
What is a mutual insurance company quizlet?
Mutual Insurer. a corporation owned by the policyholders; no stockholders.