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amtrust insurance agency

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What type of insurance is AmTrust?
Small Business Insurance Carrier AmTrust Financial Services is an industry-leading insurance provider, focusing on small business insurance solutions with an emphasis on workers' compensation coverage. We are a top writer of workers' compensation insurance and a top 3 warranty writer in the United States.
How do I contact AmTrust?
Providers Directory
  • AmTrust. Claims: (888) 239-3909. Billing: (877) 528-7878.
  • Chubb. Claims: (800) 252-4670. Billing: (800) 372-4822.
  • CIG. Claims: (800) 986-9974. Billing: (877) 200-4220.
  • EMPLOYERS. Claims: (888) 682-6671. Billing: (888) 682- 6671.
  • Is AmTrust a good company to work for?
    AmTrust is an okay company if you're looking for a job. Decent pay and good benefits. Management is stuck on numbers, high turnover right.
    Who owns AmTrust?