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allstate life insurance change of beneficiary

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How do I change my beneficiary on Allstate insurance?
Submit completed forms online at www.allstatebenefits.com/mybenefits or fax to 866-428-2517.
How do I change my life insurance beneficiary?
You can change the beneficiaries of your life insurance by contacting your insurance company. You'll need to submit a change of beneficiary form online, on paper, or over the phone. The form will ask for personal information about your beneficiary, such as: Contact information.
Can you change beneficiary on life insurance at any time?
Requesting a change of beneficiary is simple. ... Revocable, which means the owner of the life insurance policy can change the beneficiary at any time without notifying the previous beneficiary. Irrevocable, which means the owner of the policy cannot change the beneficiary without that individual's consent.
Can you remove a beneficiary from life insurance?
Aside from the policyholder, only a court can remove a beneficiary from a life insurance policy. A court may only do this under limited circumstances that depend on the terms of the life insurance policy and any applicable state or federal laws.